she was a strange girl, that one…

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"My entire soul is a cry, and all my work the commentary on that cry."
Nikos Kazantzakis, from Report To Greco (via violentwavesofemotion)


everyone has those lyrics that they want to tattoo on their soul

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"Don’t forget the nights
When it all felt right”

"I’ll never be like you. I change all the time. You can do what you want. You won’t get to me."
Persona (1966) dir. by Ingmar Bergman (via violentwavesofemotion)
"When you love someone, it should be easy. It might get hard during certain moments, but in the way you two get each other — it must be gloriously easy. Deep, soul-consuming yet effortless, magnificent, simple to the very core. Hearts connecting and communicating, instant flashes of one person’s reaching out and the other’s immediate encompassing of the initiative until reaching out feels powerfully mutual — it must be nothing other than that. Automatic bloody wanting, wanting and desiring. Choosing that person during your hardest, most painful, as well as ordinarily human moments. Laughing your ass off with them not in order to break the ice but just because it feels effortless even when things get dramatic. Directness of emotion. Occasionally losing consciousness of what feels like yourself and at the same time knowing that this is you addressing someone you love. Acceptance of whatever happens. Plain trust. Know how complicated it is and then state it simply — experience the other person not merely in terms of them understanding you but also in terms of fucking feeling it with you at that very moment — that’s what soul communication is about. When you love someone, man, it must be devastatingly real. It doesn’t need to be profound. It doesn’t need to be complicated beyond belief. Sure it can be all that, but then again, fuck that. Fuck any possible attempt at a description. Your entire being must yearn toward everything yearning is about. That’s the only way it happens. This yearning must be shared. True motherfucking unembellished, accurate soul connection. There it goes."


going to bed happy is one of my favorite feelings.

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Anonymous asked: I just want your advice on something. How do I tell someone I miss them without being out right about it, when I know for damn sure they don't miss me


yes, okay, darling…when you want to tell someone you miss them you go right ahead and tell them. straightforwardness is the best policy. plus, choose what matters to you. you’re not saying something to someone just because you’d hope/wish they’d say it back. you say it irrespective of, you say it at risk of all of it going to complete and utter waste. you say it because you’re being honest with yourself and you just feel like saying it. keep this simple and not chaotic in your brain. that’s not even called bravery or honesty. it’s called “i’m a person and it’s valid for me to look at you right now and tell you that yes, for your fucking information i fucking miss you, do what you want with it, i just miss you & i needed to let you know okay, have a good day.”



"…and despite everything I’m still human…"